Carbon Black Kft. and Carbon Black s.r.o. is working based on ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards insurance systems.

The objective of CARBON BLACK KFT. and CARBON BLACK S.R.O. is to keep the trust of all of our customers and interested parties with the high quality and reliability of our raw materials for the rubber industry, and to maintain and enhance our company’s excellent reputation.

Our environmental goal is to create, maintain and work with an environmental policy which is fully express our will to keep the harmonic link between human and nature and to be sustainable as well.

we strive to do our work to create minimal effects to our nature and leave a healthy, liveable nature to the future generation.

Our company implement’s continuous developments, with the realization of appointed quality and environmental targets, we consider as our daily tasks, the good quality and environmental service fulfilments and Environmental Protection on the every level of Management and implementation.

We analyses the risks arising from our activity, provides the resources necessary for our work processes, and makes preliminary cost calculations to ensure that our services can planned.

We are continuously monitoring and regularly auditing the workflows and activities of Carbon Black Kft. and Carbon Black s.r.o., our Czech plant, as well as of our other external warehouses.

Our intention is to reduce the dangerous and non-dangerous waste generated by our activity. Our long-term target is to reduce the amount of non-hazardous packaging waste generated by 50% until 31 December 2025.

We place special emphasis on the development of our colleagues’ quality consciousness and environment awareness. We make sure that all of them learn, understand, support and promote the implementation of our quality and environmental policy.

Our organization considers all the organizations, authorities, and persons who are, directly or indirectly, involved, or whose activities may affect the quality of our services as interested parties. In addition, we constantly monitor the expectations of such interested parties.

We have set the objective to continuously monitor our customers’ satisfaction, to analyze and use the measures taken after any potential remarks and complaints have been made, and to improve the high quality of our work.

Thanks to the renewable energy sources we implemented (solar park, pellet heating system) we could decrease highly the usage of fossil energy.

Our company observes the laws on our activities to satisfy the requirements of fire and labour safety, environmental and other relevant laws. We continuously improve our work environment and protect our workers’ health.

We evaluate our suppliers’quality and environmental performance in order to motivate them to carry out quality work.

The management and staff of CARBON BLACK KFT. and CARBON BLACK S.R.O. are committed to quality and to provide services in a timely manner, which satisfies the customers’ expectations.

The validity of the quality and environmental policy extends to CARBON BLACK Ltd. and CARBON BLACK s.r.o. its entire organization and activities.  The MIR / EMS managers and the Managing directors are responsible for the observance of the quality and

environmental policy, for the achievement of the set quality and environmental goals, and for the continuous development of the quality and environmental management system. The policy is reviewed once a year.