The producers guarantee the quality of carbon blacks from the factories to the customers. 
– We perform the laboratory quality tests concerning for the following parameters in Nyírmada:

Heating Loss                                                  ASTM D 1509
Fines content                                                 ASTM D 1508
Sieve residue                                                 ASTM D 1514
Pellett Hardness                                            ASTM D 5230

We perform the laboratory quality test concerning for the following parameter in Kojetin:

Heating Loss                                                  ASTM D 1509

We qualify the carbon black according to the ASTM standard.
Should our customers require more quality checks, we are able to carry out further tests on the products in an independent laboratory.


Fine content:

ASTM D 1508 standard,

equipment: RO-TAP

(Guliani RX-29HB)

Pellet hardness:

ASTM D 5230 standard,

equipment: HITEC

Pellet Hardness Tester  

Sieve residue No  325:

ASTM D 1514 standard,

equipment: according to standard, individual prepared equipment

Heating loss:

ASTM D 1509 standard,


Mettler Toledo HE 73

Other properties we use from the producers measurment.