In the recent years, we have created premises, re-packaging premises and offices in several major mar-ket areas, such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy, providing higher quality customer service on the market. In 2015, we have founded a company in the Czech Republic (Carbon Black s.r.o.) to ensure better service to the customers in the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries.



In Hungary: 

- Nyíregyháza: head of office, central of the company

- Nyírmada: main packing station and mixing plant

In Czech Republic:   

- Kojetin (Carbon Black s.r.o.) office, logistics, store houses and filling station for silo trucks

- in Lázné Belohrad: rented, filling station for silo trucks and store houses

In Slovenia:

- Sezena:  store houses

- Celje: main office for the area of Slovenia – Croatia




Here we can load silo trucks from Big-Bags only. Warehouses under roof = 3700 m2. It mean aprox 2800 tons. Here we are loading only PUMR &RYBA silos!


We have in Sezena 1000 m2 of storehouse (for 600 tons of carbon black)