In the recent years, we have created premises, re-packaging premises and offices in several major mar-ket areas, such as the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Italy, providing higher quality customer service on the market. In 2015, we have founded a company in the Czech Republic (Carbon Black s.r.o.) to ensure better service to the customers in the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries.



In Hungary: 

- Nyíregyháza: head of office, central of the company

- Nyírmada: main packing station and mixing plant

In Czeh Republic:   

- In Verovany (Carbon Black s.r.o.) office, logistics, store houses and filling station for silo trucks

- in Lázné Belohrad: rented, filling station for silo trucks and store houses

In Slovenia:

- Sezena:  store houses

- Celje: main office for the area of Slovenia – Croatia

In Italy:

- Torino: office for Italy and store 


CARBON BLACK s.r.o. Verovany (CZ)

Carbon Black s.r.o. owned in 100% by Carbon Black Kft (Hungary). We established  it in  2015, 3rd of March for reason to be close for our Czeh and Slovakian and Austrian customers.

From Verovany:     - Zlin  45 Km

                               - Otrokovice 47 Km

                               - Puchov   80 Km

This hall is 3300 m2, and inside we can storage 2500 tons of carbon black, and we can load the silo trucks by crane. Monthly capacity cc. 3000 tons.


Here we can load silo trucks from Big-Bags only. Warehouses under roof = 3700 m2. It mean aprox 2800 tons. Here we are loading only PUMR &RYBA silos!


We have in Sezena 1000 m2 of storehouse (for 600 tons of carbon black)